The bilingual “Fantine” Montessori School applies the pedagogy created by Maria Montessori. We use the equipment that she crafted after years of observation of children. The material is prepared so that the children can feel free to move in an organized space, and is adapted, thanks to its size and weight. It is an answer to the children’s needs, in terms of autonomy and learning.

Regarding the atmosphere, the children aged 3 to 6 are in the same class in order to increase socialization. The older children take care of the younger ones. This reinforces the olders' self-esteem and the motivation to work of the younger ones.

Children in 6-9 year old class work in collaboration with the material to advance in learnong through experimentation and discussion.

In addition to the material, the psycho-pedagogy of Maria Montessori is also applied in the school. The teachers and intervenors speak to the children with respect. They guide them and encourage them in an atmosphere of security and trust. "All useless help is an obstacle to the development of children". Every children's background is taken into account for learning. That is why the teachers and parents need to work together for the good development of the children.


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