• Severine Ducret-Paris

    Séverine Paris

    Educator 6-12 and Headmaster


    I was born in Annecy on April, 28th 1979. I grew up and lived in this beautiful area surrounded by the Lake and the mountains. I always wanted to work with children and I found the pedagogy of Maria Montessori fascinating. Everything that I could read in her books seemed obvious and natural to me.  I graduated as a child educator (aged 3 to 6) in 2005 from the Superior Maria Montessori Institute of Paris. Then, I worked in different Montessori schools in Switzerland until 2013. Today, I have realized my dream. I opened a Montessori school in Sevrier, on the ground floor of my own house, in order to give the children a caring and family framework. The desire to expand the school and the support of many families pushed me to train myself in Montessori pedagogy for 6-12 year olds and to create an atmosphere for 6 and 7 year old children. It is with pleasure that I accompany the children in beautiful experiences and discoveries. "

  • Alizé Friedamnn

    Alizée Friedmann

    French speaking educator 3-6


    I spent my childhood near Paris and at the age of nine, my family and I moved to Haute-Savoie. I immediately had a crush for the amazing area of Annecy. I did a degree in Sciences of Languages at the University of Lyon II and I had my Master in primary school teaching in 2012. Then, I spent two years in a Secondary school in Birmingham (UK) as a French assistant. After this interesting experience, I came back in France and took the decision to become a Montessori teacher. I realized that working in a ‘traditional school ‘ was not my cup of tea. I started my training course at the Superior Maria Montessori Institute of Paris in july 2015 and I became the English language educator at ‘Fantine’  on September 2015. If everything is alright, I will be graduated as a child educator (aged 3 to 6) on august. I really love my job because I can combine my two passions : English language and teaching to young children. 



          •                                      Selvina Moothoosamy

          •                                                                     English speaking educator 3-6 

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            Originally from Mauritius, I have always been surrounded by the Montessori pedagogy in my family, and I often accompanied my mother who is the director of a school in Mauritius, to help in the classrooms. My passion for languages ​​and literature led me to England to pursue a Masters in Media and English Literature. Arriving in the region in 2017, I had the opportunity to work in a Montessori school whilst training to become an of educator and thus gaining a deeper knowledge of the child and the Montessori pedagogy.

            Having completed my training at the ‘Institut Supérieur de Maria Montessori’ in Paris, I am delighted to join the Fantine team who offers a stimulating and beautifully designed environment to meet the individual needs of each child. Learning a second language increases creativity, improves verbal skills, and develops an advantage in grasping and formulating concepts. My role as an English-speaking educator is to facilitate the language immersion program, where children will be able to discover and assimilate a second language in a natural environment.

        •                                      Nina Colin


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          I was born in Lyon the 28th July 1995 and I lived my childhood in the Lyon countryside in Ain.

          Since my teenage years, I went through various small "jobs" until the day I got a job at the Château des Echelles leisure centre in Ambérieu en Bugey. It was my first step in the field of early childhood.

          It was then that I decided to continue my training to be able to provide support for the children in the best possible way. I undertook a DEUST Agapsc animation course (university diploma in social work and education) which I finished in June 2018.

          I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills through various experiences in animation and management of groups of young people, where I constantly sought to apply what I knew of the Montessori pedagogy.

          In 2021, I seized the opportunity to work at the very heart of this pedagogy as an assistant at the Montessori Fantine school.


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