Her Pedagogy

maria montessori

For Maria Montessori, the main task regarding children is to "build a Man who is adapted to his environment, to create a Man who is autonomous, sociable and evolved". It is a task that children need to manage for themselves, and beyond for humanity as a whole. It is thanks to the equipment that she created and the work of the educators that the children will grow and learn, with their own rhythm. The equipment is self-correcting which encourages autonomy. It is unique, there is no competition or comparison, the children learn to be patient and respectful. The equipment is adapted to the size and the strength of children, it is nice and attractive. The educators have an other role : they need to discretely accompany the children by observing them and adapting to their needs and interests. They guide them and offer activities that correspond to the sensitive periods of learning. In a Montessori school, everybody lives together, each one aspires to one's own wishes and needs, in an established framework and a climate of respect and trust.


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